Posted by: mandmthomas | December 28, 2010


I didn’t want to worry anyone so I didn’t tell anyone about my surgery yesterday. 🙂 After Matt and I met with the surgeon last week, she said that they were 99% sure the swollen lymph node under my arm is benign, but they could take it out to be sure. She said they couldn’t biopsy it because of the location. Due to my history of having two types of cancer at the age of 31, I was more comfortable with it coming out to be sure it isn’t something. The surgeon said she didn’t blame me, especially if it gave me peace of mind. She said it would be there for the rest of my life more than likely otherwise.

So, off to surgery yesterday morning to have this thing taken out from under my arm. The surgeon told me in recovery that the node was smaller than she thought it was but it is ABNORMAL! So much for being soooo sure it was benign, huh? That just made me feel better about insisting it come out. She said it didn’t look like melanoma, but they were sending it to pathology and want me to see my oncologist for the results in the next week.

This is just another of those experiences that make me believe even more in “better safe than sorry.” I am pretty dang sore, tired, swollen, etc. Matt is taking excellent care of me. We have watched almost all of Season One of Mad Men – good show! 🙂

I have a follow-up appointment scheduled with my oncologist next week. I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.



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